This was made from 3 different Landsat-8 scenes from July and August of 2017. I used QGIS to prep and trim all of my raster layers, and then used Affinity Photo to merge, compose, and color correct the final image. In these captures, Denali is so snowy and bright in contrast to the grassy green terrain around it, that trying to contrast-balance the image as a whole would inevitably force a choice between underexposing the lower elevation parts or severely overexposing the brighter snowy parts. To get around this, I used a technique akin to exposure fusion in photography. For each band, I split the raster into darker and lighter parts, histogram-balanced them independently, and then merged the result, and these are what I used to compose the final RGB image. Satellite imagery is perfect for this because the dynamic range of each spectral band is so huge.

The relief shaded version was prepared in Blender with the Blender GIS plugin. I made a 3D mesh from 5m DEM data and rendered it with my rgb landsat image draped on top. The vertical exaggeration is 2x. I configured the lighting to match the angle and direction of the sun in the original captures, but also enhance the appearance of topography as much as possible. Compared to the standard version, the relief-shaded version more clearly conveys the overall topograhic trend of the range without sacrificing any detail in the smaller canyons.