I prepared this true color image using bands 4, 3, and 2 of Landsat-8 data of this area from June of 2019. The final image is comprised of all or portions of ten different Landsat scenes from 4 different orbital paths.

I used QGIS to align and size all my rasters, then I used Affinity Photo to compose the RGB image, feather seamlines, and do color/light correction.

To prepare the “relief-shaded” version, I used Blender to make a 3D mesh from 30m resolution digital elevation data and rendered that mesh with my finished landsat mosaic draped on top, using lighting configured to emulate the direction/angle of sunlight in the original captures.

Both images are 16972 x 19216 pixel GeoTiffs in the WGS84_UTM33N coordinate reference system.

Landsat8 data used:

  • Path 180, rows 71-73 (June 13 2019)
  • Path 181, rows 71-73 (June 20 2019)
  • Path 182, rows 71 and 72 (June 27, 2019)
  • Path 182, rows 72 and 73 (June 11, 2019) (used 2 different stacked scenes of path 182 row 72 to get rid of some coastal clouds)