This is a redesign and 3D rendering of “Geologic map of the Moab and eastern part of the San Rafael Desert 30’ x 60’ quadrangles, Grand and Emery Counties, Utah, and Mesa County, Colorado” by Hellmut H. Doelling. My source data was the linked map PDF, as well as separately downloaded copies of digitized versions of both of the indicated 30’x60’ topographic quads (‘moab’ and ‘san rafael’). I opened the PDF in graphic design software and removed a number of layers (including the red contours that are all too prominent in the original version) until I was left with mostly the geologic contact polygons. I rendered that stripped-down PDF at a higher resolution, then georeferenced the result using my matching downloaded topos as a guide (those topos are also where I got the projection string). I used QGIS to merge both the topo quads, then used photo editing software to fix the map seams and finally remove the white background. I then combined this transparent topo layer with my rendered geology layer created from the PDF to get my final map raster. Next I used Blender with the BlenderGIS plugin to render a 3d mesh of the same area from 10m digital elevation data, and then rendered it with my prepared map raster draped on top. Finally, I imported the rendered result into QGIS and then re-exported a GeoTIFF version with embeddded metadata.

The linked download is sheet 1 of 3 from the original map. You can find sheets 2 and 3 (which includes the legend/explanation) in the source data URL included above, or use these downloads: